Rubberpaws: Wild Rubber Gear.

 Rubberpaws is getting an overhaul for the new year

Rubberpaws is a one-man operation, and in 2018, that man created an unbelievable amount of animal flavored rubber gear.
However, it was the same few designs, and there was simply no time to work on anything new. The founding principal of Rubberpaws was to bring artistic and technological innovation from the fx industry to the scene. To experiment with new materials, methods and designs.
in 2019, the shop will be moving to a stock based model - A number of items will be manufactured each month and put up for sale on the new website. These will include many old favorites, but crucially will also include new products, and some exiting new ideas.

 New website coming soon


Handmade thick rubber mits for petplay, puppyplay and kinky BDSM fun.

Prices now include postage

Rubberpaws is currently closed.

Thick slip-on feet for petplay, puppyplay and kinky BDSM fun.

Pig feetLizard Feet

Rubberpaws is currently closed.

Rugged animal-themed head encasement.


Pig Hood

Lizard hood


Gator Hood
Rubberpaws is currently closed.

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